L’effet de la betterave sur la pression artérielle est incertain

“Betterave” peut abaisser la tension artérielle “, BBC News rapporte avec confiance. Mais la vérité à savoir si la betterave peut vraiment abaisser votre tension artérielle est un peu plus clair que les titres ne le suggèrent. Les nouvelles proviennent d’une étude portant sur l’effet des nitrates sur la pression artérielle chez les rats et un très petit essai chez les personnes souffrant d’hypertension artérielle. (more…)

Un cancer sur 20 lié au diabète et au surpoids

“L’obésité et le diabète provoquent environ 800 000 cancers par an”, rapporte Mail Online. Les chercheurs ont découvert que plus de 5% des cancers dans le monde étaient dus au surpoids (indice de masse corporelle – IMC supérieur à 25) ou au diabète.

Le lien entre le surpoids et certains cancers est connu depuis des années. Plus récemment, des chercheurs ont établi un lien entre le diabète et plusieurs cancers, dont le cancer du foie, du pancréas et du sein. (more…)

Quoi de neuf dans la réforme des soins de santé: 25 janvier

Quoi de neuf dans la réforme des soins de santé donne un aperçu des nouvelles de la semaine dernière, des mises à jour et des commentaires dans la réforme des soins de santé et la gestion de l’utilisation.Price to Face Grilling sur l’ordre de Trump pour affaiblir Obamacare (more…)

Real Life Gaming Experience Gained Through NBA Live Mobile Game

The best spectacles of a real life basketball game can be gained by playing the virtual version of the most popular NBA Live Mobile game. If you know the control features and the right challenges to take up, you cannot find a better game which will give you a better and more real like feeling than this superb game. You do not even require having any hi-fi system to play this freely downloadable game as your simple smartphone will be enough to play this game on Android and iOS platforms. You will find the sound, the graphics, and animation so very realistic and catchy that you will feel that you are in the middle of an exciting live game played in a live arena.

Once you start playing the game, you will be engrossed with it for a long time, and that is a guarantee given in writing. The game controlling features and the navigating tools are so simple that once you go through the tutorials, you will find it a child’s play. But the spectacles and challenges in the game are no child’s play. You will come across several games plays that offer several game points as well as the currency of the game. Though you can use nba live mobile hack for this purpose, you will find it yourself that it is not required very much during the game.

The features and rewards are so immaculately places that you will always have required currency on the stock to buy players and for other purposes for effective gameplay. You just have to build the ultimate team for challenging, playing and winning the game. Stick to the basic while building the team and do not haste with buying or dropping a player. Take your own time and take the right decision as well so that the strength of your team is not jeopardized.

Use the MY Player feature extensively for building the team. This will also help you to expand your team and do not play with the team you are offered with initially. Such pre-loaded teams in NBA Live Mobile game are good for a rookie, but as you gain experience, you should build your team which probably will be the strongest and hard to defeat if you take proper care in team building. The advantage of having a strong team is that you can gain in ranks and be able to compete with better teams of the league to earn more points.

Play in the multiplayer mode more often as that will also improve your gameplay, your team ranking, confidence and also give you a chance to play and win more games. Invite your friends to take up your challenge and also play friendly matches as well. Most importantly, you will come across several live events in NBA Live Mobile game which you should always take part in as these events are very interesting as well. When you play in the multiplayer mode, make it a point to challenge others in head to head mode. This will also help to improve your ranking and play the game better.

Positive Improvements in SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt is a popular game that has been in the market since 2014. The game is a part of the Sim series of games which was initially created in the 1990s. However, the difference is that this game targets the mobile users and can be played on the smaller devices such as mobiles and tablets, for free. The reason for its transition is because, the game tends to attract a larger crowd of gamers who are on the move and will not be able to access the PC all the time in order to play the game.

Improvements in SimCity BuildIt

Most SimCity BuildIt users find the Global Trade HQ to be annoying and flawed and there have been many complaints regarding it. The major problem with it was the overloading the EA server due to many users using the app which ultimately became one of the most popular SimCity games. Another disadvantage is that it is not easy to search for items due to the timelock feature. But there has been two important updates regarding the timing and functionality of the Trade Depot. They are as follows:

  • The time period for advertising each item has been extended to 12 hours which implies that the item will be up for sale for a longer period of time which gives it more publicity and the chances of selling it will also be high and get more Simoleons.
  • Rather than the long gap of 5 minutes between advertising items, the time gap has been reduced to 1 minute. This gives users the ability to sell quicker and more items to generate more Simoleons.

Welcome Improvements

This improvement has been welcomed by all users and the number of gamers who have joined the game after these improvements are also many. The game has come a long way since its initial release and a number of changes are made on a regular basis in order to meet with and please the gamers. The game will have appropriate modifications when any mishaps are taken to the notice of the game builders. In the event of any major change, the change will also be posted in the community and you will be notified regarding the changes.

You will be able to earn Simoleons and SimCash when you play the game which will help you provide better facilities and services for your Sims. You will also be able to rebuild the buildings that you do not want with the help of Dr.Vu’s Tower of Disaster and proceed further in the game as you learn to make the right map for your city. If you find it difficult at any point in the game, you could always use the  simcity buildit cheats and perform better with its help. When you provide your people with the best services, they will be more than happy to pay better tax which in turn will make you rich. SimCity BuildIt will keep you occupied for a very long time.

Madden Mobile Game for Football Lovers

If you are a fan of the NFL, then you are in for a pleasant surprise, the Madden NFL mobile game is all about the football world and even includes your favourite NFL players to make the game more user-friendly. The most recent release would be the Madden mobile 17 which is updated and emphasises on the best of the game. The game is suitable for not only NFL fans but also for beginners who are looking to have fun playing football. The game gets the players prepared for the season and with adds a good vibe to the actual event.

Reliable Game

The American football series has earned quite a reputation over the years and every new version brings something new to the table and corrects the errors of the previous version. As such, Madden Mobile Game 17 is the best version of the football game. So if you are wondering about the credibility of the game, you can check it out for yourself. All you have to do is download it from the play store for free and start gaming like never before. The controls are easy to grasp and you will find yourself going into the game itself as you play.

What is the game about?

The game is all about winning the football matches and the various events that take place. You are the manager of your team of players. These players are basically the representation of NFL players and their role in the game is quite similar to their role in the actual football matches. The Madden Mobile has gone the extra mile to increase the similarity between the real players and the game players by providing them with the exact names and corresponding jersey numbers. This gives you the feeling of actually playing in the football field with your favourite players.

Earning your way

Once you form the team, your next task would be to train them. When you have trained your players to play the way you want them to, you can make them compete in the various matches that take place. You can either play offline or pitch against your friends online and play them. If you are working towards getting more coins, you can also try the daily challenges which tend to have brilliant rewards. You could also try the madden mobile hack which will help you earn coins quickly. Based on your coin needs, the game will also vary.

The Madden mobile game generally releases the new version close to the actual NFL season to get you prepared for the match. When you play the game, you will feel yourself addicted to serious gameplay and even better graphics that literally pulls you in. With the release of every new version, there is an improvement in the game and this time the improvement comes in the form of a change in commentating as well as engaging on-field additions that will make any NFL fan proud and happy.

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